(1) Contents. The decision of the board may be oral or written. Except when deportability is determined on the pleading pursuant to subsection 41.0807(b) of this chapter, the decision of the board shall include a discussion of the evidence and findings as to deportability. The formal enumeration of findings is not required. The decision shall also contain a discussion of the evidence pertinent to any application made by the respondent and the reason for granting or denying the request. The decisions shall be concluded with the order of the board.

(b) Summary Decision. Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection (a) of this section, in any case where deportability is determined on the pleadings pursuant to the subsection 41.0807(b) or the respondent applies for voluntary departure and the board grants the application, the board may enter a summary decision, if deportation is ordered or if voluntary departure is granted with an alternate order of deportation.

History: Rule 3-86, eff 7 Dec 86.