42.0123 Parole officer-Responsibility.

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(a) Supervision of all prisoners under parole is invested in the parole officer. The parole officer shall make monthly reports to the attorney general, pertaining to the conduct of each parolee based upon the parole officer’s meetings with the parolee and information gathered from other sources in the community. The report shall he forwarded to the chairman of the parole hoard, and when the report contains items that should come to the attention of the board, the chairman shall discuss the same with the board.

(b) W hen the parole officer is of the opinion that it is necessary to enhance the possibilities of a successful supervision period, he shall request the board to modify the terms of the certificate of release.

(c) If the parolee fails to abide by any of the conditions of the certificate of release, the parole officer shall notify the board or any member thereof, of such violation.

History: Rule 6-75, eff 14 Jul 75, § 418.