42.0132 Preliminary interview after retaking.

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(a) Within 48 hours of a retaking, the parole officer shall conduct a preliminary interview to ascertain if the parolee denies or admits the alleged parole violation.

(b) The parolee shall be advised at the beginning of the interview that he may be represented by an attorney or other counts~l through- out the interview and may have voluntary witnesses testify on his behalf but not at the expense of the government. The interview shall be continued for a reasonable time if the parolee desires the representation of an attorney or other counselor to obtain witnesses.

(c) The parole officer shall submit a summary or digest of the preliminary interview to the chairman of the board immediately upon completion so that the proceedings required by 42.0133, 42.0134, and 42.0135 of this chapter can be undertaken. The summary or digest shall include the parole officer’s recommended disposition to the board.

History: Rule 6-75, eff 14 Jul 75, § 422.