(a) The basic principles which guide the budget developmental process for the ASG are contained in the Executive Budget Act. Supplementing these principles are federal rules and policies which control the application, receipt, execution and evaluation of federal funds and their uses.

(b) For all practical purposes, these guiding principles are subject to change as a result of amendments to existing laws, introduction of new laws, different philosophies and managerial perspectives of a new administration or other operating constraints beyond the control of the ASG.

(c) This budget manual attempts to develop a framework which not only builds capacity within those individuals involved in the budget process but also flexible enough to accommodate both short and long term changes. For example, the ASG through the evolutionary process retained the basic budget format from which important information can be extracted and laid out differently to accommodate the Governor’s and the local legislative reviews, the Department of the Interior requirements and the annual congressional budget submission. Moreover, the enforcement of the Executive Budget Act is done in phases to insure understanding of the basic concepts contained in each phase before the next one begins, to insure selection of only the most useful information desired by the managers for evaluation purposes and to make sure that the cost of information gathering, processing and evaluating does not outweigh the benefits to be gained.

History: Rule 3-83. eff 4 Apr 83, § E.l.