(a) Based on the Governor’s determination of policy direction, the OPPBD issues a call for the preparation of preliminary budgets for the planned fiscal year specifying the future policy direction, budget forms required for each departmental activity and the department, the due date and other special instructions to assist the agencies in the preparation of their budgets.

(b) For each department or office, the following budget forms are required:

(1) Summary-2 Departmental highlight statement;

(2) Summary-3 Resource summary.

(c) For each departmental activity, the following budget forms are required:

(1) Detail-l Program budget summary;

(2) Detail-2 Personnel costs;

(3) Detail-3 Travel expense;

(4) Detail-4 Contractual services;

(5) Detail-5 Materials and supplies;

(6) Detail-6 Equipment;

(7) Detail-7 All other costs;

(8) Detail-8 Motor vehicle schedule.

(d) In addition to the above forms, each department or office should submit in 8Y2″ X 14″ paper its latest approved organizational chart as part of its budget submission.

(e) The completion of the above requirements constitutes the official budget submission of an agency. Letters transmitting the budget, copies of cost/benefit analyses and studies, etc. are optional unless requested by the OPPBD.

(f) The budget office requires the original and copy of all forms at the specified date in the approved budget calendar for the given fiscal year .

History: Rule 3-83, eff 4 Apr 83, § E.3.