(See Figure 2 for sample format)

This form contains resource requirements, budget history , funding for budget year, object class summary and staffing requests for each unit. The information to complete this form comes from Detail-l and Detail-2 forms. Detail-l provides the object class summary and budget history while Detail-2 provides the staffing requests for each activity.

To complete this form, start with the grant accounts first and subtotal it. Next, list all the special programs and enterprise funds under the agency’s jurisdiction and subtotal it. Finally, list all the activities funded by appropriated funds and subtotal it. Compute grand totals from the three subtotals and record them on the line for the budget year.

Identification. Fill in department name, unit title, account number for unit, date document was finalized and person’s name who prepares Summary-3.

Funding Source. Mark the appropriate box to identify the funding source based on the subtotals shown on the form.

Approved Budget. The totals for this line are compiled by adding the object class totals on all the Detail-l forms within the agency.

Actual Expenditures. Same instructions as the “approved budget” line.

History: Rule 3-83, eff 4 Apr 83, § E.4 (part).