(See Figure 6 for sample format)

This form provides justification for the budget request for contractual services.

Consultant. Justification for the project should include the need for the project, targets for consultation, benefits to be derived from the project and alternative solutions considered. Cost estimates should be broken down between air fare, per diem, fees and other expenses.

Maintenance. For duplicating machines, typewriters and other office machines a current fee schedule should be obtained from the contracting office to guide you with your projections. For specialized equipment or other facilities maintenance, use actual data from previous years to base your calculations. In justification, it is suggested that the total number of machines by make be shown and their average life since acquisition stated. In this connection, it would be prudent to review the recently compiled ASG fixed assets inventory to ascertain what you actually have and budget accordingly. (Note: If there are any discrepancies between the inventory and your physical count, please contact the property management division for any adjustments and not the budget office).

Employee Training. These estimates should include only the benefits provided by contract to those employees who are off-island on training except salaries. Salaries should continue to be shown under Detail-2.

Others (Specify ). This category may include contracts for promotional activities and sub-contracts for operating programs which the department lets to the private sector for handling. In any event, justification requirements are similar to those specified under “consultants.”

History: Rule 3-83, eff 4 Apr 83, § E.4 (part).