(a) Preliminary budget proposals for the budget year are normally due on the first week of February .During the remainder of February , the OPPBD analyzes agency budgets, directs inquiries to the agencies for more information, informs the agencies of its tentative decisions based on the initial review, receives reactions from the agencies and conducts budget negotiations with the agency directors where disagreements exist.

(b) Where the agency director finds it necessary to appeal his case, he has the first week of March to discuss his agency’s budget request with the Governor. His appeal is focused primarily on the areas of disagreement between the OPPBD and his agency. After his appeal, the Governor’s decision becomes final and binding on both the agency director and the OPPBD . The Governor’s decision is to be communicated in writing to the parties involved.

(c) During the remainder of March, the OPPBD devotes the rest of the time to make final changes and technical adjustments to the agency requests, prepares final revenue projections, makes appropriate summaries for the Governor’s review of the final trade-offs to be made and prepares the budget document for printing and the budget resolution for the Fono’s consideration.

(d) The Fono reviews the budget resolution during the first half of April and accepts it in principle or revises it piecemeal or rejects it in its entirety. During the Fono review, directors are called to testify before the appropriate committees concerning their budget requests. The remainder of April is devoted to translating the approved budget resolution together with comments from the Governor and the Fono into the Department of Interior budget format. American Samoa ‘s preliminary budget proposal is due at DOl on the middle of May.

History: Rule 3-83, eff 4 Apr 83, § E.5.