(a) The federal budget review process depends on the whims of each administration. For example, some administrations prefer open communication and appeal for both departmental and OMB passback while others prefer total secrecy until ASG is told to make the necessary revisions to the ASG budget for the Presidential submission to the U .S. Congress. Under the policy of open communication, the office of territorial and international affairs (OTIA) would inform the ASG about the Department of the Interior (DOl) passback. In consultation with the Fono leaders and chairmen of the appropriations committees of both houses, the Governor advises the OTIA of the areas adjusted and those which ASG would strongly appeal even to the extent of asking the appropriate congressional committees to include them as add-ons in their deliberations. Final decisions by OTIA are made by mid-June. The DOl budget is then forwarded to OMB in mid-September. Between mid-September and mid-December the consultation and concurrence process continues among OMB, DOl, OTIA and the ASG. Final allowance for ASG is advised in mid-December with appropriate revisions to the DOl budget due in Washington D.C. before the first of January for inclusion in the President’s budget.

(b) The next step is for OPPBD to prepare for the congressional budget hearings which are normally scheduled between March and June of the following year. This involves the preparation of budget briefings for the Governor and those attending the hearings in anticipation of committee questions. The briefing summarizes the texts from past hearings, departmental accomplishments and future plans, financial status of the ASG, current status of ClP and federally funded special programs, status of economic, social and political developments, the identification of the most critical problems facing the territory and reporting on long range plans for the ASG .

(c) At the conclusion of the budget hearings, OPPBD staff remain in Washington D.C. to edit the hearing transcripts, provide answers to additional committee questions, follow through with OTlA and congressional staff on additional data requirements and perform liaison services between the ASG, various congressional offices, DOl and OMB on budget matters.

(d) Based on past experience, results of final congressional actions are communicated between late September and the first half of December.

History: Rule 3-83, eff 4 Apr 83, § E.6.