Each ASG agency is required by law to submit a quarterly performance report to the OPPBD on 15 Jan, 15 Apr, 15 Jul and 15 Oct of each year. The report shall consist of the following documents:

(a) Annual Work Plan. See Figure 16 for sample format. This form is already in use and needs no further instructions.

(b) Quarterly Budget vs. Expenditure Report. Use RSM 244A computer report format. Significant negative or positive budget variances must be explained on the report. In addition, show as a footnote the total budgeted positions, filled and vacant. Explain the status of vacancies.

(c) Narrative Summary. State the progress made on your annual work plan, problems encountered, adjustments needed to the plan and future outlook for the agency. Progress should be measured in quantifiable terms wherever possible. Use graphs and charts necessary .Your narrative summary should be no longer than three double-spaced typewritten pages.

History: Rule 3-83, eff 4 Apr 83, § G.l.