(a) Pursuant to 10.0102(c) there is an advisory board to the commission which shall consist of 7 department and office heads or their delegates of the government of American Samoa. The commission shall name the advisory committee annually at its meeting in October or as needed to replace members.

(b) The commission by majority vote shall decide what departments or offices shall be requested to serve on the advisory committee and may request particular talent, expertise or persons in such departments or offices.

(c) Members of the advisory committee shall be expected to attend certain commission meetings and may work with the planning district as well.

(d) The following departments or offices shall be ex officio members of the committee:

(1) Office of development planning;

(2) Department of public works;

(3) Office of the attorney general: and

(4) Department of parks and recreation.

History: Rule 16-87. eff 12 Oct 87.