(a) All persons addressing the commission at a public hearing shall identify themselves by name, village of residence, and, if applicable, employment or group affiliation. Persons may make oral or written presentation in person or through a representative or attorney. The chairperson may limit any oral presentation to no more than 5 minutes duration to allow for full participation. The chairperson may require pre-presentation scheduling of persons who wish to address the commission to ascertain the number of presentations for full participation and to set equitable time limits.

(b) Prior to recommending a plan to the Governor and Legislature the commission shall hold a public hearing(s) so that all parties in interest and residents will be given an opportunity to be heard in respect to the plan. Notice shall be sent to the press and media and all other means reasonably to attract public attention at least 15 days prior to any hearing relative to a plan or the comprehensive general plan. Said notices shall also be sent to the Governor, the President of the Senate, the Speaker of the House, director of the office of development planning, the attorney general, director of public works, members of the advisory committee, and members of the district planning boards(s) affected.

History: Rule 16-87, eff 12 Oct 87.