(a) Pursuant to 27.0201 et seq. ASCA the commission will review all new applications for a business license including those filed by individuals, partnerships and corporations. ew business licenses, includes first applications for a business license, for additional locations and relocations, and applications for businesses which have changed ownership. All individuals, partnerships and corporations regardless of race, sex, national origin, or status in the territory will be subject to this review.

(b) The applicant shall file with the commission the business license application, the partnership agreement or articles of incorporation if a partnership or a corporation, a copy of any requests filed or to be filed with the zoning board for a variance, including but not limited a description the location, a plot plan showing existing and proposed structures with necessary dimensions indicating yard spaces id adjoining structure when required, and a ground and typical floor plan of the building, towing work area, bathrooms, water and wage facilities, storage area, and other uses with all necessary measurements.

(c) The applicant shall be given at least a 5y notice of a hearing at which time the applicant shall be prepared to discuss with the commission the following factors:

(1) traffic safety;

(2) adequate parking facilities;

(3) availability of water and sewage facilities;

(4) effect on land resources and economic opportunities for resident Samoans;

(5) effect on Samoan customs, culture and traditions; and

(6) conformity to the general comprehensive n and the general economic plan.

History: Rule l6-87, eff 12 Oct 87.