Appendix II – Emergency Energy Conservation Task Force

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The American Samoa Emergency Energy Conservation Plan, of which this Appendix is a part, requires, in Phase I, that an Emergency Energy Conservation Task Force be convened. The primary purpose of this Task Force is to advise the Governor regarding specific measures to be taken to conserve fuel in the event Phase V of the Plan is invoked. Phase V is the “extreme emergency” situation in which all fuel/ energy consuming activities other than those relating to public health and safety are to be severely curtailed. In addition, the Task Force may also make recommendations to the Governor regarding any Phase of the Plan.


The membership of the Task Force is:

Lieutenant Governor -Chairman

Director, Territorial Energy Office

Attorney General

Secretary of Samoan Affairs

Commissioner of Public Safety

Director, Department of Medical Services

Director, Department of Public Works

Director, Department of Port Administration

Director, Office of Public Information Executive

Director, American Samoa Power Authority

Member, Senate

Member, House of Representatives

Manager, Marlex Petroleum

Manager, Union Oil Company

Manager, Van Camp Seafood Co.

Manager, Starkist Samoa, Inc.

Chairman, Chamber of Commerce

Because it is expected that this Task Force will operate only in an emergency situation, attendance by the members at each meeting is required. If, for reasons of illness or being off-island, a member cannot attend he will designate an alternate to attend in his absence.


The Task Force will convene initially at the call of the Governor and thereafter at the call of the Chairman. It shall:

A. Determine the level and distribution of electric power to be generated to satisfy public health and safety requirements. Advise the Executive Director, ASPA;

B. Determine and specify those vehicles which will be classified as emergency vehicles. Establish means of identification to permit issue of fuel. Advise Department/Agency heads concerned;

C. Determine priorities for water use and water hours; advise Director, Department of Public Works.

D. Examine all actions already implemented or planned under the Plan and recommend changes as the situation warrants.

E. Perform such other services relating to the energy emergency as may be required by the Governor.